Adware Removal - How to Remove Adware

Tips to Ensure Your Computer is Adware Free.

An adware is known to be an advertising-supported software that automatically downloads advertisements from different websites once it is installed in a computer or when it is being used. It can play and display ads without the permission of a computer user. An adware can also serve as a spyware that steals essential information on a computer. This is often called an adware spyware. Removing an adware off a computer can be a frustrating task. Nevertheless, there are steps that can help make the method simpler and more effective. Any system that has a heavy infection of adware must make use of an adware remover and other necessary tools to clean an infected personal computer. If you do not have a second computer can ask another individual to burn on a CD all of the necessary downloadable tools that will remove adware and stop automatic advertisements from being displayed or downloaded.

The following are the essential steps in an adware removal:

  1. Go offline.
    In order for you to properly finish the steps, you must first disconnect from the internet. Shut all web browsers and windows applications, including your access to your e-mail. Disconnect your computer from the web. Remove the phone line or internet cable that connects the computer to a router or modem. If you cannot remove cable lines, you may just remove Ethernet cable or shut off your modem.
  2. Try uninstalling the adware.
    It is quite a surprise that spyware adware can be removed using the uninstall option in your control panel. This can perfectly clean and remove the program. Use the Add/Remove programs in your Control Panel before you take any more complicated steps in removing adware. If you have successfully removed the spyware using uninstall, reboot your computer to check whether it has been fully taken off your system.
  3. Scan your PC.
    After having done steps one and two, the next thing you should do is run a comprehensive scan on your system using an updated virus scanner. If you do not have an antivirus, you can choose from among the many famous free virus scanners. Allow your scanner to quarantine or remove any threats to your system.
  4. Take off the problem itself.
    Some adware can hide themselves so they do not get scanned by an antivirus software or adware cleaner. When this happens, you have to have access to your hard drive without permitting the adware to run. The best way to do this is use a bootable CD that will allow you to access the system’s file manager. You can run the antivirus and make it rescan the system or manually find the offensive files and delete them by yourself.
  5. Undo the damage.
    Removing the adware is not enough to make sure that your system will no longer be infected once you connect to the internet again. You need to reset your browser settings and make sure that no HOSTS files were hijacked. You should also see to it that the malicious sites are not added in your browser’s Trusted Sites Zone.

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