Encryption Software - Keep your Privacy

Encryption Software - Keep Your Privacy

An encryption software is a type of software whose main function is to encrypt and decrypt information or data. Encryption is a term referred to algorithmic schemes being used to encode plain or normal text into cyphertext – a form of text that cannot be read by a human being. The cyphertext is sent to a receiver and this receiver uses a key to decrypt of decode the original message. This process of decryption returns the text to plain form of text. The key is the only thing that can make the algorithm work.

In the past, data encryption was rarely used, but was a large military tool. However, because of the advance of technology – advent of the internet, online banking, online marketing, and healthcare – even an ordinary individual can now make use of the software to keep his privacy. When you use the Internet using your computer, you do not just click around and take information so passively. Your reading blog posts or jumping from one website to another may do more than just while away your time. With your using the internet, you may be sending people you do not know essential information about yourself. One basic example is shopping online. Shopping has been made easy by the internet, but there are a lot of risks involved in it. You may be shopping for a book or anything online and you are required to sign up and give sensitive and confidential information. Names, addresses, e-mail addresses, credit card number, and personal identification numbers (PIN) may be asked from you. All of this information entails the risk of being disclosed to any individual if you do not impose computer privacy with your browsing. The solution to this predicament is restricting other people’s access to your machine. You can hide away your computer from the sight and reach your family and friends just so they will not be able to access your files or you can just opt to get a privacy policy by encrypting sensitive data and information. This process is a more feasible alternative for you.

In encrypting data, information you wish to lock is scrambled in a way wherein only you and the people you allow to unscramble the information have access to it. Scrambling information is encrypting while unscrambling it is decrypting. By encrypting data, you do not have to worry about people who use your computer because even if people see the information, they would not understand the writing as it is written using cryptography. Cryptography means hidden writing.

The next time you access the internet and give essential information like your PIN, credit card number or bank details, you no longer have to worry about giving away this personal information to people you do not even know. With encrypting and decrypting sensitive information, you can have the peace of mind that your privacy is assured. Encrypting and decrypting sensitive personal information is really the key to a private computer usage.

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