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Software Overview
AntiVir Personal Edition offers effective protection against computer viruses and worms for individual and private use on a single PC at home. To ensure ease of operation, AntiVir Personal Edition is developed to the essential points of virus detection and removal. AntiVir Personal Edition is fully featured, with nothing disabled or restricted. It now detects and removes 60,000+ viruses and worms. The software always does well in comparison tests performed by various computer magazines and online journals. It boasts easy, intuitive operation. It has a resident VirusGuard program that sits in the system tray and scans email and other downloads. It scans and repairs macro viruses and offers protection against as-yet-unidentified viruses. There is a handy Internet wizard for easy, free program and virus signature file updates. And you get free support via our Bulletin Board. Although we offer commercial, fee-based versions of AntiVir for PC workstations and servers in businesses, the private and individual use of AntiVir Personal Edition at home is completely free of charge! No annoying ads, nags or popups. No special conditions or restrictions. Quality German engineering! Yours to enjoy!

Our Review

First link is for Win200*/XP/NTx
Second link is for Win98/ME

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AntiVir Personal Edition
File Size3.9 MB
CreatorH+BEDV Datentechnik GMBH
Date Added2006-09-02
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